My Music

This is music I've helped create. See also the talks and presentations page, which has non-musical audio. Depending on your tastes, a lot of this might sound like non-musical audio too.

Laredo Middle School spring 1995 concert.

Smoky Hill High School November 13, 1997 concert.

Smoky Hill High School “Peter vs. the Wolf” concert, March 26, 1998.

Smoky Hill High School April 23, 1998 concert.

Smoky Hill High School spring 1999 concert.

The Sounds of Hollywood. A concert of my high school orchestra.

Revolution 1. An original composition.

I Am Sitting in a Room. A remake of the classic.

Die Bastards. The debut album of the Lincoln County Historical Society.

Greenbeans. LCHS album two.

Lagunita. First solo album.

In Sickness spoken word.

King Micha & the Destroyers Stanford band.

How to make your own LP records.