For Christmas 2010, I drove from California to Colorado, over 20 hours each way, to avoid the indignity of the TSA's whole-body scanners. I wrote letters to several airlines explaining why I wasn't flying:

Dear Airline,

I am writing to say that I will drive for 20 hours for my holiday travel rather than fly your airline. This is in response to the TSA's whole-body scanners and their general policy of harassment. What they are doing is wrong and you are in a position to do something about it.

These are their responses.

Frontier. Grade: D. I used to like Frontier a lot, but this reply changes my mind. The worst parts are the unthinking "we support their efforts toward ensuring the safety of the traveling public" and the parroting of the company line with respect to safety concerns.

Southwest. Grade: B. I don't mind the passing of blame to the TSA very much; while the airlines are complicit of not fighting hard enough, I don't think they can be blamed for originating the policies.

Delta. Grade: B. At least doesn't attempt to belittle or refute my concerns.

United. Grade: F. United can go to hell. "While your comments are appreciated" means the exact opposite of what it says. Thoughts like "we are unable to change or influence the TSA on policies that ensure the safety of our travelers" are what allow evil people to get away with things.

American. Grade: B. Also passes the buck to the TSA, but doesn't express alignment with its goals.