Christmas 2010

I drove back to Colorado for Christmas. For why I drove rather than flew, see these TSA letters.
Little snowy.
More snowy.
Me in Reno.
Broken fan belt in Winnemucca.
Cost me a day.
Where my car got fixed.
Cat at the Tire Factory.
Art in the Winnemucca hotel screen.
Nice picture of me.
Morning in Winnemucca.
Odd fellows.
Deeth Starr Valley.
No more casinos.
The vast reflective Utah salt flats.
Here I pulled over the first time it got too scary to drive.
Pulled into Aurora around daybreak.
Dad as Santa.
Mom exasperated.
Present time.
Driving back.
The terrifying rollover wreck that happened right in front of me.
Fucking cold the whole way.
But I had raspberries to lift my spirits.
Test section of 80 M.P.H.
Yay, Palo Alto University Avenue at last.