Work and play with Nmap and friends (LinuxTag 2009)

Quick links: paper, presentation handout, audio, video.

I wrote a paper for and spoke at LinuxTag 2009, about Nmap and its auxiliary tools ca. version 4.85. The page for my talk is here. The abstract was

Nmap, the famous port scanner, is more than just a port scanner and more than just Nmap. This talk is about Nmap's new and lesser-known features and its companion programs: Zenmap, Ncat, and Ndiff. If you've never used Nmap for anything more advanced than OS detection, or if you just want to see what modern security tools are capable of, this talk is for you. Bring a laptop to participate in live network exercises.


This is a 10-page paper covering the same information as my talk in more detail. It includes lots of sample command lines for Ncat, Ndiff, and NSE.

Paper OpenDocument, PDF

You can also download the ODT from the LinuxTag site, assuming the link remains stable.


Please feel free to mirror and copy this stuff. It's all in the public domain.

Audio (Ogg Vorbis, 12 MB)

Video (Ogg Theora, 84 MB, 54 minutes)

Unfortunately because of last-minute technical difficulties the audience couldn't do any live scanning, but I did a scan of the audience.

There are no presentation slides, because I made a handout to give to the audience instead. However there was an unexpectedly large attendance and I ran out of the 100 I printed. You can get it here if you missed out.

PDF of handout
(I did the handout in Scribus, but the source was lost in a tragic file renaming accident.)

The talk was intended to have a bunch of live Ncat servers to scan. That mostly didn't work out, but here are the scripts to run the servers anyway: linuxtag-2009-scripts.tar.gz.