The latest version of descrypt is 0.2.

descrypt is a program for the encryption and decryption of files using the DES encryption algorithm.

descrypt supports the following cryptographic modes: ECB with padding, CBC with ciphertext stealing, 8-bit OFB and 8-bit CFB. In ECB mode, the ciphertext will be between 1 and 8 bytes larger than the plaintext. In CBC, OFB and CFB modes, the ciphertext will always be exactly 8 bytes larger than the plaintext.

This program was written as an exercise in programming and cryptography. Messages encrypted using DES are feasable to crack using brute force because of DES's small key size. There exist machines that can recover a key from an encrypted message in a matter of days. I release this program because it may be useful for study and experimentation. Do not use it for serious or sensitive matters, lest your secret information cease to be so.

This program is free software, released under the terms of the GNU GPL. If you are unfamiliar with free software or the GPL, I urge you to read and understand the license found in the file called COPYING.

descrypt's web page may be found at the following location:

Contributions, bug reports and enhancements are solicited and enthusiastically welcomed. Send them to