Philmont 2005

I took troop 171 to Philmont in 2005. (I had been once before, in 2001.) I was the head adult advisor, which means I did a lot of the planning and paperwork.

This trip was a sort of culmination of my vision since I became an Assistant Scoutmaster. I had wanted to start a backpacking program, and I did, and I took Scouts I had trained to Philmont. It was my troop's first-ever Philmont crew.

Pictures of the trip are here.

Our expedition number was 623-D. The members of the crew were Pasha Tabatabai, Daniel Kim, Matt Hirschinger, Andrew Detwiler, Greg George, Kevin Phillips, Brandon Rhods, Collin Dunn, Bryce Dunn, Ken Mills, and David Fifield. Pasha was our crew leader and Daniel was the chaplain's aide. Our ranger's name was Christopher Kost.

Our crew name was the Robots, which name was in my honor. I created this design that was on our crew T-shirts. Here's an SVG version and a working SVG separated into pieces.