Philmont 2005

This was my second trip to Philmont. Our expedition number was 623-D. The members of the crew were Pasha Tabatabai, Daniel Kim, Matt Hirschinger, Andrew Detwiler, Greg George, Kevin Phillips, Brandon Rhods, Collin Dunn, Bryce Dunn, Ken Mills, and David Fifield. My previous trip to Philmont is here.
Our crew. From back to front, left to right: Ken Mills, Brandon Rhods, Bryce Dunn, Collin Dunn, David Fifield, Matt Hirschinger, Andrew Detwiler, Greg George, our ranger Chris Kost, Kevin Phillips, Daniel Kim, and crew leader Pasha Tabatabai.
Matt at the gas station.
Our fearless leader checks the map.
Daniel played the piano in the Villa Philmonte.
The guy on this poster bears an eerie resemblance to Roger Dickinson, former Big Horn course coordinator.
Kevin compares the Tooth of Time on his hat with the real deal.
What to do when you're blindfolded? Play pattycake!
The final challenge event at Urraca was this big wall.
Andrew ponders the chasm.
This is the evening campfire at Urraca.
Collin Dunn, just before descending Urraca. Compare to this picture of his brother and me in the same place.
It's fun to feed goats at Abreu!
Burros, too!
The staff at Abreu didn't have any cake, so they gave Collin a birthday churro at the Mexican dinner.
Later on we got to milk the goats.
It was hella windy on this rock between Abreu and Fish Camp.
I got to show off my slacklining skills, which I had acquired only weeks earlier at Big Horn.
This is Greg helping to build the trail south of Apache Springs. EYEBALLS!
The sweat lodge was fun and the cold water was invigorating!
The big swing at Crooked Creek.
Tomahawks at Clear Creek.
Pasha's bug friend.
Wow, they named a mountain after Kevin!
I was so excited to reach the top I just had to do some push-ups.
Collin looks to the setting sun.
Greg, Matt, Kevin, and Andrew.
Shooting at Sawmill.
Andrew and Greg pose on the log bridge.
This was about the only shade we saw on this day's hike.
Up Turkey Creek Canyon.
Brandon at the top of the rocks.
Daniel rappelling down.
Greg rappelling down.
Pasha makes a comfy seat!
Daniel attempts the "Porch Challenge" at Dean Cow.
Here I am with the T-Rex track.
This little bird made its nest unnoticed in the equipment building.
My beard had grown in so beautifully, I seriously considered keeping it.
My beard, moments before cutting it off. In the words of Daniel Kim: "You bum!"
The tearful reunion.
Matt Hirschinger gave me the David Fob, probably the nicest fob I've ever received.
The back reads, "Rescue Man (Ouch!); Fearless; Waltzer; Fixer-upper; Slack-line Master; Doctor Fifield, M.D./P.D."