Eagle Project

These are documents related to my Eagle project. I became an Eagle Scout on October 18, 2000. My project had a web site, now archived here.

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (also DVI, TeX source).
This is almost exactly as it was in my last working copy, the only change being that I removed the address and phone number of the Scoutmaster and advancement chair on the first page. For some reason I also made a plain text version of the workbook, probably by automatically processing the TeX.
Life Ambition Statement (also DVI, TeX source).
Donation flyer (also DVI, TeX source).
Spanish version of the donation flyer (also DVI, TeX source).
I and some helpers handed these out after the Spanish mass at my church. The translation is mine.
King Soopers donation letter (also DVI, TeX source).
Asking for supplies for the pancake breakfast.
Pancake breakfast flyer (also DVI, TeX source).
The banner on the flyer had an unintentional double meaning. I didn't mean "join the Boy Scouts" as in "become a Boy Scout."
Pancake breakfast signup (also DVI, TeX source).
Eagle Court of Honor agenda (also DVI, TeX source).
Log of donations.
I processed it with count.pl to count how many books I received.