Wild West Relay 2005

I was privileged to run as a member of Team Pathways in the 2005 Wild West Relay (August 19 and 20). In van one were Joann Stark, David Fifield, Laura Venner, Jeremy Vincent, Dru Shockley, and Kristen Adams. In van two were Steven Shea, Carissa Lane, Frank Connor, John Shea, Steve Lane, and Andrea Mancina. Because I was in van one, I don't have many pictures of the people in van two.
Yow! Are we having fun yet?
Kristen waits for her coffee.
Joann at the very beginning of leg one.
Laura in leg three.
Jeremy smokes the competition at the end of leg four.
Andrea at the end of leg 10.
That's me at the beginning of leg 14.
And here I am an hour and a half later at the end of leg 14.
This is what exchange 15 looked like.
Dru, Joann, Kristen, and me.
We watched the sun go down as we cheered Jeremy on.
Laura and Joann.
Sunrise at exchange 27.
Kristen on the approach to exchange 30.
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