Rock n' Roll Marathon Arizona 2006

Laura and I took a week-long trip to Arizona to run in the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Arizona. On the way, we stayed at the house of Nate and Kristin Shank in Albuquerque, Petrified Forest National Park, and Kinnikinick campground in Coconino National Forest. We met Steven Shea to run the race. It was my first marathon and probably the best trip I've ever taken.
Elk sign.
Windy rest area.
Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!
Laura's Chinese ladybugs.
Vandalizing Nate and Kristin's cars.
These vandals should learn to wear less distinctive clothing!
Graffiti problems in New Mexico.
Nate's jet.
David rolls Laura's car.
It's not a butte, it's a mesa!
Get your kicks!
Jed the fish.
The shadow of Jed the fish.
Almost to the Petrified Forest.
Laura looking over the Painted Desert.
David's on top of the world.
Getting ready.
The Painted Desert Inn.
Geared up and ready to go.
Wow! Petrified wood!
There are gypsum crystals in some of the logs.
Stripey rock.
Look at the moon rising.
Little pebbles cast long shadows at sunset.
Petroglyph rock! It was so cool!
We never expected to find this!
But not all the petroglyphs were ancient.
Our fair camp.
Our kitchen table.
Laura's hat.
Fajitas for dinner.
Kinda cool.
Good day, sunshine!
Sunny rocks.
David practices his game face.
Hot chocolate!
More crystals.
More logs.
The white cliffs of Dover.
Wow, get a load of the park job in 7A!
David is so proud to be a Junior Park Ranger!
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.
Dinosaurs were battling everywhere!
"World's longest map of U.S. Route 66" at Meteor City.
Highest point in Arizona.
Arizona starts to look like Colorado.
David's feet before blisters.
Welcome to Kinnikinick.
Skipping rocks was easy! I think I set a record!
Leftovers from our crawfish boil.
Laura checks the thermometer.
Eggs for breakfast.
Race course.
Palm trees! Cool!
Fuzzy tree.
Christmas palm trees.
Steven's dazed game face.
David's game face.
Laura lounges after the race in her Spenco sandals.
Working the kinks out of those muscles.
David won the big blister contest.
Heading back to New Mexico.
Will Kwan go to the Olympics?
Weird rain clouds.
Philmont is barely visible in the distance.