Big Horn 2005

My seventh consecutive year on Big Horn staff, and the first year all of Big Horn turned to the new NYLT syllabus. I was the Red ASM and my Troop Guide was Michael Lohman, who was in my patrol last year. The SPL was Scott Rogers and the ASPL was Alexander Berger. Jeff Rogers was the Scoutmaster.
Scott Rogers demonstrates the slackline.
It's the first day and already there's trouble. Messrs. Hartig and Lanning get in a bubble fight.
Red patrol sets some SMART goals.
They set up my tent blindfolded in under five minutes, which earned them a fob.
Mr. Kiel Parkinson takes aim.
Mr. Rogers and Mr. Lanning (or are they?).
Jeff Rogers experiences the most traumatic soaking of his life.
My patrol made this swing. I'm so proud!
Collin jamming.
Tommy Hann.
This is staff's tower. It was definitely the bitchinest camp gadget ever.
Jason Radtke on the tower.
Red at graduation.
From left to right: Justin Wilson, Ben Woeste, Ryan Dunn, Ben Hobstetter, Ian Iringan, Zack Thompson, David Fifield, Shaun Clyncke, Jesse Schantz, and Michael Lohman.
Michael and me.