Financial Cryptography 2015

I was at Financial Cryptography and Data Security January 26–30, 2015, where I gave a talk.
Yoga room at SFO.
A moment before, there was an egret in this pond.
That one.
In the jardín urbano.
Atlantic Ocean.
Beach ashtrays.
Just exiting the hair salon.
Ruta de desalojo.
They were sunbathing in a grassy lot between hotels.
Gas priced per liter.
Free sorbet at check-in at the VenganzaVergüenzaVerdanza Hotel.
In El Yunque forest.
Inside of Yohakú Tower.
Benchmark on top.
Giant bamboo. Must have had a radius of like five inches.
La Mina falls.
I reverse-photobombed this crowd of dandies.
Epiphytes on palm trees at the resort.
I learned the Bengali word for this kind of organism: পরগাছা (pôrôgacha), where গাছ (gach) is the word for tree.
Flower selfie.
Before daybreak.
Waiting for the sunrise.
Shadow selfie.
Broken display.
Coast of Florida.