Big Horn 2004

Week 1 with the Orange Patrol. I kept a diary of this week.
Josh Seedig working hard.
Jeff Rogers talks about college days.
Mr. McMahon works on the flag pole while the Rogerses look on.
My Troop Guide Andrew Buzako teaches a class on Knowing and Using the Resources.
Andrew snoozes.
My patrol on the rocks above camp.
Kickball, yay!
A wet, cold fog descended on Wednesday morning.
My patrols members, from left: Evan Weis, Robert Hoyt, Scott Aldritch, Ben Johnke, Michael Lohman and Mike Diener.
Andrew fell down and it was kind of funny.
When the sun finally came out, I had to take a picture.
Our campsite.
The service project was pretty fun.
Here I am, showing off.
Staff sets a bad example by throwing rocks at each other.
Blue Patrol's cart garage.
Jason Radtke jumps over a puddle.
Devotional campfire in the barn isn't the same.
Most of youth staff.
Gold Patrol packs up.
The staff sings "Sixpence" to Tanner.
I could have sworn that I got all my patrol members in this picture, but Robert is missing.
The Great Swami predicts a long trip for Roger Dickinson.
Orange patrol at graduation.
Mount Audubon right before I left.