Berkeley and environs

Here’s where I lived for a while.
Actually I don't remember the source of this photo.
First night, a short while after arrival.
Street signs that are also in Denver.
Street signs that are also in Denver.
UC police command center.
TCP flag sticker.
Visit by Marek.
View from Hearst street.
Weirdo thermostat.
Game vs. Arizona?
They built their own Stanford Tree.
Nice haircut from Platform Barbers.
Here's what it looks like when your car gets stolen.
Here's what it looks like when you find it again.
Ashtray full of butts.
This bird like to check itself out in all the mirrors in the parking lot.
Hummingbird nest outside Soda Hall.
5 rubles I got in my roll of quarters.
Toynbee tiles planted outside Soda Hall!
Campanile by night.
Dwarf graf.
“There are things you know / and things you don’t. / The known & the unknown, / and in between are the / doors—that’s us. / You’re not only spirit, you’re / also this very sensuos being. / That’s not evil, that’s a really / beautiful thing. You have to / ‘break on through to the other side’ / to become the whole being. / —Ray Manzarek”
Toynbee tile starting to peel.
A whole house moving down the street.
Marmurowe schody.
Some police business shut down the whole street.
Abandoned bike getting trashed.
Sup bro eat Kale
...unless you’re a cat!
Photos of the city from a night out stargazing.
Big Game week.
Trasheder and trasheder.
ELAB tag on MLK Blvd.
Toynbee tiles getting uncovered.
Another dwarf in another place.
Big noisy concert at beginning of spring semester 2015.
Hand-painted sign in Cory Hall.
New home for the cone.
Secret sunflowers.
Unexplained limpet.
Blue house.
Lonely chair.
My name in Bengali.
Finish this before I do.
Fish babies.
Former Nobel laureate parking spot.
Many fish babies.
Stephen McCamant's desktop.
Concrete canoe.
Linda’s whiteboard drawing.
Tagged and re-tagged.
Tag freedom not art.
Secret koi pond.
Lunar eclipse of April 4, 2015.
I hate you.
Sorry mom, I’m a vandal.
Shadows inside Soda Hall.
Three helicopters in the air during a march.
And a CHP plane, just what we needed.
Metal only.
Baby fishes' new home. The paper is to protect them from fright because previously they lived in a bucket.
The bucket.
This fish is named Duchess Viola.
Lonely chair.
Poster for The Nerds.
Lonely chair.
Me and Weilin at the Nmap secret lair.
Pirate TED talk.
This Pikmin-like plant was at the botanic garden.
Fox rain.
They're chopping down our lovely sky garden.
They severed the Jacobscam data cable too.
Somebody crashed here.
Turkeys in People's Park.
Jamming in the stairwell.
Chalk renaming Jacobs Hall to Snowden Hall.
Bowling with Primal and Ashkan.
Jacobcam on its last day.
An ELAB tag in Berkeley.
Buffed ELAB, barely visible.
An art installation featuring old electronics.
Pinhole camera on the 6th floor balcony.
Art show featuring Lynn Tsai.
The ghostly tree without a trunk.
Lonely chair on the roof.
Pinhole sunprint before developing.
Pinhole sunprint after developing.
Photograph from the same perspective.
4th of July 2016.
Cool demolition machines tearing down parking garage on Center.
Solar-powered concert at night.
Japanese treats from Hideaki Kawabata.
TDX house of horrors.
Halloweed pumpkins.
Blue and gold lights for Big Game week.
Hertz concert hall.
Baby turkeys on campus.
Momma turkey.
Internet Archive.
Telephone pole hanging in the breeze.
First Friday in Oakland.
Bye, bye, Intel.
One of the peregrine falcons that was nesting on campus.
Deer on campus.
Painting by Lynn Tsai at ICSI.
ELAB graf.
Lonely chair.
Painted vinyl record.
In front of Wheeler Hall.
Signs up before a march.
Performance by San Francisco Mime Troupe in Willard Park.
Cuy on a street sign.
Lonely chair.
Me and Primal.
¡Hey! ¡Cuy-dado!
Iranian license plate.
Puzzle box, a gift from Hideaki.
Another cuy.
proxy-probe poster.
Monitor announcing my dissertation talk.
Bean tendrils I used as a reference in my talk.
Behind-the-scenes talk crafting.
Fig tree.
Be aware of raccoons. Usually active at night.
Fire alarm.
At Pier 39 with Paulino Calderon.
Me and Paulino.
ELAB sticker in SF.
Sea lions.
Party elephant, gift from Sadia.
Board on Telegraph that got frequently repainted.
Giant mushroom colony. This divot got filled in with dirt a few days later.
My desk on my last week.
Thesis draft.
Pinhole sunprint photos.
Allah graffiti.
Giant mushroom colony.
My thoughts exactly.
Model tank made with Jason Liu.
Banner talking about the California State loyalty oath as if it were a thing of the past.
View from Hiller Heights.
Internet Archive physical repository.
Lipstick prints on the plaque beneath Berkeley's copy of the Parthenon frieze.
Quote from Czeslaw Milosz [sic].
Playing with tilt-shift mode.
Driving up to Santa Rosa.
Old shoe and new shoe.
Puso Puso building set, a gift from Hideaki.
Be gay do crime.
This creepy arm overhanging the sidewalk used to hold a Games of Berkeley sign.
Strawberry Creek next to the Faculty Club.
Lonely chair.