Censors’ Delay in Blocking Circumvention Proxies

David Fifield and Lynn Tsai
University of California, Berkeley
(Authors are listed alphabetically.)

This is the supporting web page for our paper at FOCI 2016.


Code & Data

Raw probe data
probe.csv.gz (20 MB) Note: this file only covers the data used for the FOCI paper; for more recent data, check out the git repo.
Dates of notable bridge-related events
significant_dates.txt (14 KB)
Kazakhstan data
Probe source code (includes probe.csv)
git clone https://repo.eecs.berkeley.edu/git-anon/users/fifield/proxy-probe.git
Paper source code (includes graphing code)
git clone https://repo.eecs.berkeley.edu/git-anon/users/fifield/proxy-probe-paper.git

This graphic shows the entire data set, including what we had to omit from the paper for space reasons. The probe sites are identified by code name: