goomba in a closet

goomba was the successor to the aging demidevimon. Instead of being a homebrew built-from-scratch affair or running my homebrew distro, it ran Debian. Doing things yourself is fun, but I saw great maintenance and security advantages in going with an established distribution.

Stomping a goomba in world 1-3

The sweet EFF sticker was given to me by Seth Schoen. I finally have a computer I felt like I could put it on.


I bought and assembled goomba on October 9, 2006. I thought of a name and installed the operating system on October 19. I switched demidevimon over to goomba at 12:45 AM on December 30, 2006. I switched goomba over to melchior, a personalityless Linode server, on December 24, 2009. He was finally switched off on January 25, 2010.