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Gusto is no longer developed or maintained.

Gusto is a distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system. It uses as its build tool the GAR system by Nick Moffitt. The distribution as a whole is free software, as are all the programs it comprises. It was created by me, David Fifield.

Gusto was originally conceived as a tool for people to learn Unix and computer programming, but now I aim to make it a useful general-purpose operating system. It supports different build "flavors," meaning that many different versions of an operating system can be built from a single source tree.

Gusto has experimental support for cross-compiling.

There is a gusto-devel mailing list for discussion of the development of Gusto.

You can download releases of Gusto at I use GNU Arch to develop Gusto. To get the latest development version, do

tla register-archive
tla get gusto--main
The important files to get started are COPYING, README and INSTALL.

If you experience any problems while using Gusto, you are encouraged to exclaim, "O, guts!" and submit a bug report to the mailing list.

Computing is more fun when you do it with Gusto!

See also

The gusto--xbox branch is Gusto for the Xbox. See here for details.

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Gusto wouldn't be possible without the work of the LNX-BBC team.

Another project to check out is GARStow, a combination of GAR and GNU Stow. I haven't tried it, but it looks like it's more complete than Gusto. Now that I think of it, the names of our projects are similar, but that's a coincidence.