Art, what else?
Frank Kwiatkowski

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All art is in the public domain.

Past shows


What do different artists do with the same few raw materials?


Christmas tree on a train.


Participatory poetry.


Series of “Love” paintings.

marquee abuse

See it to believe it.


Pointless stop sign intervention.


Tree ring history.

Featured visual art

“Affirmation.” Foamcore, adhesive letters, tape. 42″×32″. 2013.

Screen Tests. Digital video. 2012.

Short close-ups of people's faces. Exhibited at Art After Dark May 17–19, 2012.

Julie Baleriaux

Untitled. Watercolor, tempera on canvas. 11″×14″. 2012.

“Beloved Snail Friend.” Watercolor, tempera, oil pastel on canvas. 14″×11″. 2012.


“Wszystko Będzie Dobrze.” Latex paint and Rust-Oleum on reclaimed door. 42″×72″. 2012.

“Wszystko Będzie Dobrze” is Polish for “everything will be okay.” The black streaks are reflections of the sun shining through window blinds. Exhibited at Art After Dark, May 17–19, 2012. $800.

“Relax.” Block print. Approx. 19″×19″. 2011.


“Please Do Not Touch the Art.” Ink on canvas. 18″×14″. 2011.
This piece is incomplete until after being hung in public. Displayed with drawing materials, viewers are invited to vandalize it.

“Fuck this Shit.” Ink on canvas. 20″×16″. 2011.

“Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.” Oil on paper. 11″×14″. 2011.


Untitled. Oil, watercolor on paper. 11″×14″. 2011.


Untitled. Ink, dirt on aluminum. 11″×14″. 2011.

Looks good under different light sources.

“The Everyman.” Watercolor, ink, paint pen, blood on paper. 8.5″×5.5″. 2011.


“Blue #1.” Oil on paper. 8.5″×5.5″. 2011.