Shea-Lane wedding toast

My friend Steven Lane asked me to be the Best Man at his wedding to Carissa Shea. This is the toast I gave at the reception. It's nothing special, just good enough.

I recited the toast from memory, so what's written here may not be exactly what I said.

First, I wish to thank Steve and Carissa for allowing me to be a part of their wedding. Thanks also are due to Mr. and Mrs. Shea and Mr. and Mrs. Lane for their part in bringing about this happy day. Thanks also to the lovely bridesmaids for gracing us with their presence.

Steve and I were in Boy Scouts together. In and after Scouts, we have gone camping together. We served on staff at a camp called Big Horn, which is held here at Camp Tahosa. You may know that it was at this camp last year that Steve proposed to Carissa.

Carissa's devotion to Steve has been apparent to me since before I knew her. She sent cookies and dry socks to him while he and I were at camp. She went backpacking with us a few times. She even spent a whole week up at camp with Steve. This is special. This isn't something every girlfriend would do. I remember saying to him, “This one's a keeper.”

Consider also Steve: recently graduated from college, he's an Eagle Scout, and a pilot. Carissa hasn't done too badly, either.

Please join me in a toast to the couple's love and achievements, and to the promise of more of both in the future.