This is the beginning of a short story I wrote when I was young. My brother Jimmy found a handwritten copy in September 2016 and photographed it. It is the sequel to a longer, more complete work about Robert Flambel and his pet dragon, a copy of which I have not been able to find.

The Flambel’s Flambe

by David F.

When Robert Flambel work up on the date of January 14, 1992, he knew it was the day of the big Flambel barbeque. He got out of bed, got his closed on, and went downstairs. He saw his Father calling friends over. He also saw his dragon sleeping on the couch.

“Hey, Dragon.” Robert said, trying to wake him up. The dragon awoke. Robert smelled bacon. “Mmm… bacon!” Robert said. He turned on the T.V. “Try our new Wishy-Washy laundry detergent!” The T.V. said. “It do-” Click! Robert changed the channel. “Enwin is at forty yards, near the goal line, TOUCHDOWN! Click! Robert turned off the T.V. “Where’s the grill, honey?” Robert’s Dad said. “Try the garage.” Robert’s Mom said. “Found it!” His dad said. “Get read for school, dear” His mom said “But it’s Saturday.” Robert said. “Oh yeah.” It was 8:00. Robert got his breakfast and ate it. Robert heard a car pull into their driveway. “Ding-Dong” the doorbell rang. Just as Mrs. Flambel was about to grab the doorknob, the door opened. “Hi everybody!” The Degeddels said. “Where’s the chow?” “It’s cooking.” Mrs. Flambel said. She whispered to Robert; “Go hide that dragon.” The rest of the people arrived shortly. “Let’s go outside everybody!” Robert’s Dad said. They heard a strange noise outside. Robert looked out the window. It was Floppy. “Go away!” Robert said. “What was it?” The Pebzegolas said. “Oh, nothing.” Robert said. Floppy flew away. They went outside. Robert’s Mother passed out the plates. His Father passwed out the hot dogs and the hamburgers. Robert’s Dragon was getting lonely. So he went out the garage. Everybody lined up to get their forks and knives. Robert’s dragon went aroud the house. The people saw the dragon. The dragon saw the people. The people fell down, one by one, like dominoes. Floppy came down in his spaceship. Robert asked him if he would bring the people back to their houses. Floppy said yes. He brought the people to their houses. “Thanks, Floppy.” Robert said. Suddenly there was a tremendous flash of light. Robert, his family, and his dragon were sucked into the earth. The next thing they knew, a figure in a dark cloak was carrying away Robert’s Dragon!