This is the source code for Metro State's DemoSat teams in 2006 and 2007.

2006 (DemoSat IV)

Web site.

Embedded firmware: fieldsat-2006.tar.gz.
Analysis programs: demosat-programs-2006.tar.gz.

These packages are under revision control using GNU Arch. To get the latest development versions, do

tla register-archive
tla get fieldsat--main
tla get demosat-programs--main

2007 (DemoSat V)

Web site.

Embedded firmware: demosat-firmware-2007.tar.gz.
Analysis programs: demosat-programs-2007.tar.gz.

2007 source code is available under Bazaar revision control. To get a copy, do

bzr get
bzr get

These programs are in the public domain.