Wood Badge


I was a participant on Wood Badge course WE5-61-04. The course happened over two weekends, July 24–26 and August 7–9, 2004 (I think). I was beaded at my troop meeting on March 20, 2006. I've got some pictures here.

I am a member of the Eagle patrol. The members of my patrol are

You'll notice that the first letters of our first names, suitably arranged, spell the word "EAGLED." Dean Barr, a staff member, revealed to us that all the patrols had this ability, but we were the only ones to realize it.

Our troop guide was Kevin Livingston. The Scoutmaster was Dave Easton (who happens to be Evan's father) and the Senior Patrol Leader was John Gonsalves.

Everett Dorcas was elected all-time Senior Patrol Leader for the troop.

Our totem was designed by Evan Easton. Here's an SVG version.

I have another page devoted to my ticket.


In 2009 I was the troop guide for the Beaver patrol on the WE5-61-1-09 course. The course was over two weekends, March 6–8 and 20–22, both at Peaceful Valley. The members of the patrol were

There are some pictures here. Here are handouts I made for my classes.