Worwa-Thimm wedding

I went with my parents to Milwaukee on May 1, 2009 for the wedding of my cousin Peter Thimm with Danuta Worwa the next day. Derek Bristow happened to be in town, and there was a party for him, but I went home before that.
Big lighthouse lens at the airport.
A bunch of geeks staring at a wall.
My shoes right after getting them shined.
Lights on the airplane wing.
Koi pond at the Milwaukee airport.
Flowers in Grandma Dorothy's yard.
Derek returning from a jog.
Tony slacklining.
Looking for mushrooms with my mom.
A photo of my Grandma Dorothy when she got married.
Beautiful downtown Milwaukee.
St. John's Cathedral, where the wedding was.
Autumn, Becky, and Jason.
Shiny building.
The Wisconsin Club where the reception was.
Me and Derek.
Becky and me.
General Mitchell airport is a Gill Sans airport.