Windom, Sunlight, Eolus, and Sneffels 2014

Steven Lane and I climbed Windom Peak, Sunlight Peak, Mount Eolus, and Mount Sneffels.
Train depot in Silverton.
A gondola car.
Lump of coal.
Here's the stop for the trailhead.
Antler found in camp.
Baby caterpillars.
This is Chicago Basin.
The first goat we saw. We were afraid it would charge us.
We took lots of photos, not knowing that goats would be plentiful.
Tufts of goat hair were everywhere on the trail.
Baby goat!
Look how the water gouged out this one track.
Eolus back there somewhere.
Twin Lakes.
Ice pillars in the shady areas.
Saddle on Windom.
Marmot just chilling on a rock.
Windom Peak, 14,082 ft. (seventeenth in a series).
Mere steps from certain death.
RIght at the summit, two stealth bombers flew overhead.
Sunlight Peak, 14,059 ft. (eighteenth in a series).
Another group that was up at the summit.
Window across the valley.
Sunlight Spire.
We had to hang up everything while out of camp because the marmots would chew on your pack straps to get the salt.
We tried for Eolus the same afternoon but didn't make it.
Lots of slow snow trudging.
The final traverse to the summit. There's still over an hour of climbing from here.
Mere inches from certain death. I was too chicken to hang both legs over.
Way out on the highest point. Notice there's nothing underneath.
Mount Eolus, 14,083 ft. (nineteenth in a series).
Waiting for the train again.
Everybody photographing the approaching train.
It's Braille: ⠗⠑⠌⠗⠕⠕⠍⠎ for r-e-st-r-o-o-m-s.
Avalanche cover.
F-16s flew overhead at the trailhead for Sneffels.
We started early and were in the shade until near the top.
Petey pika.
Mount Sneffels, 14,150 ft. (twentieth in a series).