World tour 2008: Washington

I left Hartford, Connecticut on February 9, 2008 and arrived in Spokane, Washington. I stayed in Kettle Falls with the Freers until February 12, when I took the plane to Seattle. I stayed at the Penn/Boris household until February 16 when I left for San Francisco.
Robot dinosaur de-icers.
The dog Roxy.
The cat Scout.
A rug at Jan's place.
Maalaea and Sadie and Phillip.
Baby cows.
The Columbia River.
Kettle Falls: 1550 friendly people & one grouch.
Trista and Jada.
Lumber, we need lumber.
The plane to Seattle.
Me and Ivar.
Me with the Space Needle.
The Experience Music Project.
Valentine's candy.
Cat! This one is named Kiki.
At first glance the face on some of the street signs looks like Comic Sans.
The underground tour.
Nope, no ghosts.
Glas-crete in the ceiling.
I think they're all supposed to be prisms like this.
"Seattle's Original Water System," a wooden pipe.
A squid in the market. Not too fresh, though.
Archie McPhee.
Latex zombie corpse, $79.95! Do you accept cash?
A big troll under a bridge, eating a slug-a-bug.
Belle and Mandy.
The Museum of Flight. Definitely worth it.
A replica of the Wright flyer.
An SR-71.
An inertial measurement unit, dear to my heart.
A replica of the color calibration meter on the Mars rovers.
An unlaunched Viking lander.
There's our flight simulator.
Cindy chasing the bad guy.
The chairs on Air Force One are just for decoration.
Outside the Burke Museum.
One of the bridges across the lake.
Spreckles the bird.
The ghost of Walter John.