World tour 2008: South Africa

I left London on the night of January 21, 2008 and arrived in Johannesburg the next morning. I stayed with Richard and Hazel's family for part of the trip, then went to Kowalczyks'. I flew back to London, continuing to the United States on February 3.
A live video feed from the tail of the plane.
Day/night display.
These are the exercises the TV tells you to do.
What a meal!
Ultra City sounds like it's from the future! But it's just a gas station.
Lovely rain greeted my arrival.
Tim and Kieran.
Koppies by the farm.
Rolly the dog.
Kieran and Tim.
Freakish huge neon grasshoppers.
They looked almost alive.
They were in a big ball when we found them.
Big scary spider.
Green creme soda.
At Tim and Kieran's university.
A sign from apartheid times.
Kieran strikes a pose.
For some reason the Museum Afrika has a bunch of optical exhibits, like this zoetrope.
Iron Brew soda. It doesn't taste as manly as it sounds.
At Roman's pizza you can only buy pizzas two at a time.
Identity cards at the Apartheid Museum.
This is what a museum looks like during load shedding.
A replica of a solitary confinement cell. It's like a closet.
Cricket in the yard.
Jesse's Zulu workbook.
Entering Sterkfontein caves.
Behind those bars are where they're excavating Little Foot.
Flashlight on a baby stalagmite.
The underground lake.
Returning to the light of day.
Me and our guide Patrick.
Here I am at Maropeng. The power was out so we couldn't see the exhibits.
A handwritten power failure schedule at the post office.
In South Africa you drink Fanta.
An ostrich at the Rhino and Lion Park.
A springbok.
Sable antelope.
The entrance to the predator section.
A wild dog. He was so cute!
A lioness, pretty close.
What kind of animal is that?
Sleepy tiger.
Adorable little tigers.
All that separated us was the fence.
She could have bitten off my finger if she wanted to.
We went ice skating at a mall.
Tim is the master.
The Montecasino shopping center.
It was too windy for a balloon ride.
A creme soda float.
Here's us kicking ass at Time Crisis.
A baby crocodile. He could have bitten my finger off if he wanted to.
Small crocs.
Notice the chicken feathers lying around.
Adolescent crocodiles.
Big old daddy crocodiles.
They don't do much.
We poked this one through the fence.
Say, "tomato!"
Here's the dirt bike track.
There's Angela.
Camilla, Jesse, Angela, Antoinette, Tim, Sheralee.
Sheralee and Jesse.
Strawberry Fanta.
Have fun!
Here are people rushing to the site of Angela's accident.
Richard taking first place in the series.
At church.
A frog who lives in the planter.
Beata and Richard in the background.
Cathy and Hazel.
Kiero and Rolly.
Foosball at Cool Runnings.
A river at Mountain Sanctuary.
Bushwhacking through ferns.
Tim and Mitchell.
Real-life bump mapping. The rock is not as rough as it appears, it's just shaded that way.
Grand canyon.
Drinking from the stream like a deer in the forest.
More bump mapping. You can probably tell by the shadow that it's not as ridged as it looks.
Relaxing in a slide pool.
Tim cave exploring.
There are quite a lot of bones and procupine quills down there.
Little baby stalactites.
The deep pit where bats live.
I tried to take pictures down the hole.
It was around here when I saw the bats.
Another big sinkhole.
A cow skull and pelvis.
They have automatic machines that break in your cricket bat for you.
Jesse bowling.
Pretty moth.
Dinner at Kenjara Lodge.
The card the Schimanskys gave me.
The beginning of the boat ride back at Maropeng.
Steam and mist.
The spinning vortex.
It makes you fall down, dizzy.
Tim dials a dodo.
There were 6,611,151,979 people alive when I was there.
Mmm, Sparberry.
Me and Rosalind.
A dung beetle! Guess what it's doing?
The stables under construction.
The aviary.
An impostor 7-11.
Fast-forward to Pilanesberg.
A baboon hitchhiking.
Baboon lookout.
Big fella.
Baby warthog in the mud.
Our braai site.
This plaque was attached to a tree.
Gnu and zebras.
Gnu crossing.
Giraffes very far off.
Another turtle.
Piotr says it's about three-quarters size.
Happy buck.
A rhino, so close his flies were buzzing into the car.
The Kowalczyks' backyard.
Me, Dorota, and Krystyna at the botanical gardens.
The waterfall where the eagle nest is.
Scary bush with thorns.
On the lookout for birds.
A cycad.
Touch a Cub, where you get to pet a lion cub.
Ostriches on the loose.
Feed a giraffe.
Look how an ostrich sits down. Isn't it weird?
See lions close up at the lion park.
That one is carrying a hind leg of antelope.
Whoa, that's close enough!
Cats are so lazy.
My lovely wrapped gifts.
Grapes in the side yard.
Lots of people came to send me off. Richard, Piotr, Cathy, Kieran, Jesse, Derek, Tim, and Samantha.