World tour 2008: Panama

I arrived in Panama City the afternoon of February 17, 2008. Sarah Gabriel and Bill Trindle took me across to the Continent to their sailboat in Portobelo. We took a voyage to the San Blas islands, not too far away. I left for Chicago on February 26.
Beautiful blue gulf.
Panama City from the air.
I didn't expect so many skyscrapers.
Bill in the dinghy preparing to take me to the boat.
The town of Portobelo, historically important for trade.
The house Sarah and Bill are building.
The view from the house.
Me and Juancito from the English class.
All the buses look like this.
Dinner time.
A cute pink house.
Ruins of a fort from Portobelo's trading days.
The fort is made of rock from the bay, so you see coral in it everywhere.
The trail to a hilltop fort, bordered by thick jungle.
Me on top of the hill.
From inside the fort.
A plant with curious holes drilled in it.
A rickety dangerous bridge.
The plaque on the old custom house.
I was seriously afraid of this at first, but it's a crab, not a spider.
More of Portobelo.
Restaurante Yaci, where I had lunch.
There are two big islands there.
Gearing up to snorkel.
A Kuna sailboat.
Pancho the sailing dog.
On the island.
Molas for sale.
Bill and Sarah.
Noni fruit.
Not a headless fish...
A fishless head!
My bunk.
At church in Portobelo.
Owen's birthday.
The Panama Canal vistor's center.
In the old town.
The city at night.