World tour 2008: London

I left Paris on January 14, 2008 and took the Eurostar train under the English Channel to London. There I spent a week with the Routledge family. I left from Johannesburg on January 21.
A self-portrait on the Eurostar train.
The EURion constellation on three kinds of money.
I meant to ask what this meant.
The game of life on a tube station wall.
Another space invader!
They're everywhere!
Shakespeare's Globe theatre.
Outside the Tate Modern.
This is kind of a cool concept, but the problem is you can never change it.
St. Paul's Cathedral.
The Tower of London.
The Tower Bridge.
Free toilets? An outrage!
The most disturbing sign I saw. I love how the police are faceless silhouettes. Of course the TSA has signs that are almost identical.
A toucan crossing, like a pelican crossing but it's for bikes too.
Barbara and Henry and me.
Look at this sweet optical illusion in the bricks.
In the British Museum.
Me touching a phony Rosetta stone.
Some baduk in the Korean exhibit.
From the frieze of the Parthenon.
In Chinatown.
Piccadilly Circus. I expected more lions.
The littlest space invader.
Guards guarding Buckingham Palace.
You pays your money and you drives your car.
Here's where to go if you want an erotic Polish massage.
At the pantomime of Rumpelstiltskin.
Jasper the dog.
They don't skimp on uniforms at Harrow School.
The grave of Byron, I think.
A pub where we had lunch.
The family.
Speed camera.
Modern-day saints outside Westminster Abbey.
These lions have holes in them from a bomb.
When you're in the mood for action, go to Action Town station.