World tour 2008: Florida and home

I arrived in Sarasota, Florida on March 2, 2008. I stayed with my cousins Earl and Mary Fifield. I got to meet my great-uncle Richard Langois. I left for home through Atlanta on March 7.
Me at the beach.
At the De Soto memorial.
Dude giving a weapons demonstration.
Spanish moss.
McKechnie Field.
Egret. They're like pigeons down there.
On my way to the beach.
Finally made it.
A shuffleboard court.
Mary and Earl and me.
My great-uncle Richard.
The new Skyway Bridge.
The fishing pier.
The South Florida Museum.
Me and De Soto.
Musical shell frogs in a glass box.
Bishop Planetarium.
The Anna Maria Oyster Bar.
Doggies racing.
The big scoreboard.
Oops. Way to put a box full of lighters behind the security checkpoint.
A malfunctioning terminal in the Atlanta airport.
The dry brown plains of home.
Cherry Creek Reservoir.