World tour 2008: Connecticut and New York

From South Africa I arrived in New York on February 4, 2008, and took the train to the Goetters' house in Connecticut. We toured Hartford and then took a two-day trip to New York City. I left for Washington on February 9.
LOL. Guess what OS they run at Heathrow?
This means, "You are in the part of the airport that flies to the United States, so prepare to give up your rights."
There's the special bag check table.
The bald dude is the goon who was supposed to search me.
This is the sticker that was applied after the Air India agent took my passport. What does it mean?
This is how you know you're on Air India.
This too.
That's interesting.
Sheets of sea ice.
Hot roast beef sandwiches.
A statue of Nathan Hale in the Connecticut state capitol.
The Genius of Connecticut.
A guess this was the beginning of a legislative session.
The capitol in its glory.
Me in the Old State House.
A replica of the charter that was stowed in the oak tree.
This is a recreation of a Museum of Curiosities that used to exist.
A two-headed calf.
Casimir Pulaski, also known as Kazimierz Pułaski.
Me in front of Mark Twain's house.
A ghost in the graveyard.
A grave from around the Revolutionary War.
On the platform on the way to New York.
Grand Central terminal.
Moses leading us to salvation.
The financial district from the water.
Inside Ellis Island.
Marsec security level 2?!?
The former World Trade Center site.
What does this sign mean?
Chinese New Year in Chinatown.
Times Square.
The lobby of the Empire State building.
Look, no lines!
The 102nd-floor observatory. Not worth the money.
The best part is the analog floor indicator.
Rockefeller building.
The ice skating rink.
Here's me possibly being on TV.
This looks a lot like the Tribune building in Chicago.
A sculpture in front of the United Nations.
This is called the Isaiah Wall.
The Chrysler building.
The New York public library.
This is the scroll on which Jack Kerouac wrote On the Road.
William Burroughs's first book.
A powerful broken statue in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Another one.
William the hippo, which was not on display.
A guard was nice enough to take pictures for me.
Central Park.