World tour 2008: beginning and one day in London

I left home on December 21, 2007. I flew through Dallas, arriving in London on the morning of December 22. I had a day to walk around and see the sights before my flight for Poland the next morning.
My house as I left.
Laura drove me to the airport.
They had big sections of DIA blocked off.
The Alaska Airlines planes made me think of Che Guevara.
Plane to Dallas.
One of the fun sculptures in the airport.
This exhibit plays sounds when you step over floor plates.
On the plane to London.
Night/day display.
I was fascinated by all the screens and stuff. Here's my remote.
The girl in the next row was really bad at Tetris.
Heh, London, Canada.
The real London.
This is the first I ever saw of a foreign country.
"No photography or use of video cameras"
I wonder what they blacked out on the sign.
Heh, they misspelled "center."
The platform for the Gatwick Express train.
Mind the gap.
This was the first the sun came out.
London Bridge station.
I started wandering around, dragging my suitcase.
You can't walk around London without noticing the video surveillance signs.
The Thames and houses of Parliament.
Big Ben.
I didn't recall ever seeing glass embedded in concrete before. It's used to let light below the surface.
Nelson's column.
A building for South Africa.
Trafalgar Square.
Little kids play on the lions even though they're behind barriers.
This was the temporary installation on the fourth statue pedestal.
The Christmas tree was a gift from Norway, I believe.
George Washington and his pet pigeon. What, you never heard of that?
Ha ha. I think I'd pick the bike.
Look what I stumbled upon. The house of Ada, Countess of Lovelace
I wonder if this is what the property in Monopoly is named after.
Max. Headroom.
Green Park.
Buckingham Palace.
A holy hand grenade atop the fence.
Don't try to climb in. Actually I don't think it would be too hard because there are trees all around.
Those spikes spin freely on their axle.
Wellington Arch.
Waterfowl at Hyde Park.
Congestion charge zone.
The lion and the horse were fighting for the crown. (The unicorn's horn fell off.)
St. Pancras station.
My first tube ride.
Early morning in Stansted airport. What a terrible night.