Tor dev meeting winter 2015

I went to part of the dev meeting in Valencia, Spain.
SFO yoga room.
I peeked inside and there was someone doing yoga in there!
New York, where I got delayed and had to spend an extra day.
Erroneous captions in the interface. "Play" is fine.
"Reproducir" is weird.
"Riproduci" is weird.
"Jouer" is fine.
"Spielen" is fine.
This flight was supposed to leave at like 9:00 PM.
Windows XP on the kiosk.
Weird visible slipstream.
Trying to photograph stars out the window.
Sunset Blvd.? Right on!
Neato clouds.
Baby head at the Madrid train station.
Some big garden, it was closed.
Velázquez before the Prado museum.
There was some meeting of big shots happening at the museum.
Tons of cops and black cars.
Still a fucken monarchy.
AVE train.
216 km/h.
Stop signs say stop.
"Beware the grue."
Truck for transporting carrier pigeons!
Famous buildings by some Valencian architect.
Streets decorated for the Las Fallas festival.
Main cathedral.
Bat on the coat of arms.
Big plaza by the cathedral. They were playing some kind of ball game.
Ancient city walls.
Tons of tall antennas on every building.
An actual fascist flyer.
Valencian flags.
Decimal separator.
This is the last photo I took before I dropped my camera in the sand.
The Simpsons on Spanish TV.
Ll with interpunct is characteristic of Catalan.