Thailand 2015

Went to Thailand for a week with some friends.
image P1030759.JPG
Me in PEK.
The hills from Doom.
21°C at 02:04.
The teachings of Buddha in the hotel nightstand. Though another room had a Thai/English Gideon New Testament.
Arrow pointing towards Mecca.
My camera was freaking out and blurring everything.
Bangkok Chinatown.
This is how you write Bangkok in Chinese.
The first thing I purchased with my Thai baht.
This is at Wat Pho.
Subway token.
Christmas decorations in the mall.
This is another style of writing that I found harder to read.
Ask for permission to take durians on a plane.
Cannot use the airport Internet terminals for pornography or gambling.
Thai keyboard.
A super-compatible electrical outlet.
Fish in a stream at the beach.
Li'l crabbo.
Hermit crab.
Crabs on rocks.
Little lizard.
Singing at the hotel.