South Africa 2012

Just about all of August.
Get it? It's backwards because it's Hebrew.
A nice little Catholic church in JFK.
The memory could not be "written".
Cloud chamber.
Yay there are so many things I like about this picture.
Loading X...
...and a browser.
Now we are in Africa.
Socks cat very friendlily greeted me.
It felt so good to be back!
Milo, the friendly fetching dog.
Granny and Granddad.
With Sheralee up on the koppie, looking at smoke.
Evening braai.
Jesse after cricket match.
Southern hemisphere stars.
The pony formerly known as Prince.
What?!? It's snowing!
It snows once in ten years in Gauteng.
Wiseguy bird.
Meager snow, but snow none the less.
Birds trying to eat snowflakes.
Shu, it was cold the first few nights.
Some bok.
Josh and Lola.
A Zimbabwean dollar.
Magic the cat.
Mad cat.
We drove into town for putt-putt.
Hello Jocelyn.
The ghosts of Shoe, Sam, and Kirsten.
Some awesome Z-tearing on Jesse's World of Warcraft.
Sunset dog.
Some goofy HDR stuff.
Tim being sick after Oppikoppi.
Dipstick and Jesse.
Dipstick the polydactyl dog.
Milo in a Springboks jersey.
Kenjara Lodge.
Pile of cats.
Jesse and I solved the Rubik's Cube with our combined brainpower.
Coming back from the airport with Mom, Dad, and Jimmy.
Op die koppie.
Eat these to cure poisoning.
There is Piotr.
Voortrekker Monument.
Lots of Chinese visitors.
Some Afrikaans words.
Blue blue.
At the top of the monument.
The mine tour at Gold Reef City.
Ring codes.
You have never seen a pair of chinchillas more metal.
This is in the rhino and lion park.
Wild dogs.
Lazy white lions.
Big bok and little bok.
Sam and zebra.
Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar!
Linda at the Botanic Gardens.
Weaver bird.
Big old locusts.
This tube reminds me of Grandma and Grandpa Brengosz's house.
Locust in flight.
Square stump.
We called him the tortoise because he taught us.
Bubble trapped under a lemon. Did you ever see such a thing?
Linda leads us down a garden path.
Giraffes at Kloofzicht.
Montecasino at night.
Jimmy and me take a walk.
Cartridge case.
Locust exoskeleton.
Sinkhole full of bones.
Full of David.
Dogs dogs everywhere.
On the road to Sandton.
These messages were appearing periodically at different rectangles on the display.
Probably it's made up of a grid of sub-displays, each one of which has a fan that can fail.
Nelson Mandela Square.
Nicole and Ritchie.
Scouting for sinkholes again.
Cat trying to spread allergens all over my pillow.
Thanks for all the fish.
Ha ha Troilus too.
Tomato sauce on French toast. Did you ever see such a thing?
Packing for Durban.
Cat at the hostel!
We went out and played in the surf in the moonlight.
Dolphin show.
Aquarium tour.
This is the tank in which we later snorkeled.
The aquarium is inside this fake ship.
Five digits of pi!
Tim says this is what his thesis is about.
Perspective silhouette of Jesse.
Mini Town.
Playing at the beach.
I tell Tim he looks like a beach bum.
Got to play some DDR.
The smallest church in the country, or something like that.
Some actually pretty darn nice calligraphy.
Palindrome candy.
Jimmy and Tim and Peter and Hazel.
Richard and Anne and Bobby and Jimmy.
Bye bye to Jimmy.
Dog comes to say goodbye.
Blackened veld from a fire while we were away.
Click for animation.
Click for animation.
Click for animation.
A green cross looks like a marijuana dispensary.
You scratch your coin for good luck to make the machine more likely to accept it? Or something?
Ja, this dog loved playing fetch.
Joburg Day, a big all-day music festival.
Dippin' Dots, called something else here.
Chiano Sky.
Lots of people!!?
The vibe is just amazing?
Prime Circle.
Cola drink mix, a gift from Shoe.
Last sunset.
Nicky and Tim.
Here let me fix your headlight Tim.
Books I read on the left, books I didn't read on the right.