Paris and Geneva 2014

I was in Paris for the Tor dev meeting, and then in Geneva to visit Tim at CERN.
The violet dots were some kind of IR proximity sensor.
Window of my hostel.
Tim and Dianne.
View from the balcony of the hostel.
It's Braille: ⠝⠕⠊⠗ for n-o-i-r.
Hostel decorated for July 4th.
Street sign in honor of July 4th.
Jet d'eau in Geneva.
Met up with Ryan and Stephanie, who happened also to be visiting.
IIII for 4 o'clock.
This picture taken by a Polish family.
Sundial; IV for 4 o'clock.
This is the official chestnut tree.
Reformation Wall.
Bebosomed sphinges like at the Stanford mausoleum.
Farewell photo.
Walking around CERN.
How the inside of the beam pipe looks.
The street sign says "Traceroute" but you can't read it.
IIII for 4 o'clock.
IIII again.
Math graf.
The confluence of a silty and a clear river.
Outside of the ATLAS experiment.
Inside of ATLAS, 100 m underground.
Managed to catch some cosmic rays.
German quotation marks on the French text.
See: Lonely Chairs at CERN.
The French border near Geneva.