Miscellaneous images

Mark Coleman being camera-shy.
A sunset off of highway 285.
The cat called G.W. in the wildflowers in our front yard.
My GNU Jack-o'-lantern of 2001.
The tessellated cake from my 20th birthday.
The cat named O.C. lounges in a rosebush.
Our cat J.P.
My dad's Saint Francis bird feeder.
The Colorado Front Range, obscured by branches.
My neighborhood from the roof of my house.
Just a bird in my front yard.
Lily pads shredded by hail.
Everybody loves sunsets.
Rain on a sunny day.
The cake from my mom's 48th birthday. Notice how we solved the problem of not having pre-made '4' and '8' candles in two different ways. The cow is made out of parts of a bat and a spider.
A jack-o'-lantern with an approximation of a fractal from 2003.
A sunset after a rainstorm.
The odometer on my Explorer rolling over to 200,000 miles.
Me and some seismographs from when I worked at the National Earthquake Information Center.
My Dawn of the Dead jack-o'-lantern from 2005.
Laura's Blue's Clues jack-o'-lantern from 2005.
Ryan's penguin jack-o'-lantern from 2005.
The poster I drew for Christmas 2005.
Pwn shop, a lame joke.
A birthday card I made for Jimmy in 2009.
A pretty picture of me without glasses.
Mark's dog Lobo.
The desperate man.
Peace sign tart.
Messed up terminal.
Preponderance of mosquitoes.
Seen on Long Island.
Maverick with a Daniel in the Lion's Den VHS.
Inbox victory, June 27, 2017.
Florida gator.
The GNU Jack-o'-lantern design is based on the image at http://www.gnu.org/graphics/agnuhead.html.