Menlo Park and environs

Here’s where I lived for a while.
San Francisco from the top of a hotel.
Golden Gate Bridge.
Different prices for cash and credit.
Library stroller parking.
Library light art.
Hoover Tower.
The back of the Stanford Memorial Church.
Visible mechanism of the clock tower.
Fountain outside Green Library.
Old Union.
Computer science orientation meeting.
Blake St.
Curtis St.
Football game against Wake Forest.
The real Lucy the angel in the graphics lab.
Pond in front of the medical school.
Memorial Court.
Secret bamboo grove.
Don Knuth.
TeX on the walls.
Humbling bird.
Charming sign at Akasaka Sushi.
Fan fest before a game.
Koopa band.
The Big Game.
Cal marching band.
Getting ready to block field-rushers.
Nother football game.
Heron or egret or whatever.
Lake Lagunita.
Foggy day.
Bicycles getting tickets.
Little dead bird.
Vint Cerf talk.
Rehearsal for The Wasps.
Neighbors packing up their white picket fence.
Lake Lagunita at night.
Jumping bluebird of happiness.
Medical school campus.
Little bird hopping around the law school.
RMS again.
Missile silo.
Crashed a sidewalk art sale.
Underneath cat bridge.
Raccoon statue.
Pea plants that I thinned.
Guild at dusk.
Football game against SJSU, September 3, 2011.
First sunflower and bee of autumn.
Club sign-up day.
How I look after shaving.
Football versus Colorado.
My job fair protest.
Fire Truck House and home of the LGBT-CRC.
LGBT vigil.
How it looks when I'm studying.
Banner I helped make for Occupy Stanford.
Erik White art show in SF.
I used to have a spider just like this.
Broken sprinkler in front of Durand building.
Setup for the Oregon game.
My first vandalism at Stanford, preserved for posterity behind glass.
Making an “I am Sitting in a Room” recording.
Sign I made for the march before the Big Game. This was shortly after the police beat up students at Occupy Cal.
Big Game 2011.
Hail, Stanford, Hail.
Memorial Court.
Knuth Christmas tree lecture.
Dinner with Roberto Ierusalimschy.
Second job fair protest.
Have a Great Day!
Moiré in the Nitery.
This reminds me of the Eiffel Tower
Talkback session after The Merchant of Venice.
“‘C’ is for Cookie” is my first Stanford vandalism. Someone else added “‘A’ is for Algorithm” and then someone memorialized it in an announcement case.
This is the cops grabbing the guy in the adjacent apartment after I called them, mistakenly thinking he was trying to break into mine.
Pretty flowering trees at Stanford.
Beloved snail friend.
Raccoon in the drain.
Where there’s soap there’s hope! Gift from Linda.
From inside the nicest bathroom on campus.
Looking into a steam tunnel.
GNU sticker.
New Terman park.
Football against Duke.
2012–2013 tree.
Black swan band leader.
Game versus USC.
First down.
Victory over #2 USC.
Where I saw Spelling Bee with Ken.
Just taking more pictures.
Went to SFMOMA with Brandon and Michael for my birthday.
Happy birthday.
Day before the 115th Big Game.
On the way to the Big Game.
Bekeley band looking sharp.
Wonder Woman Dollies.
Card stunt.
Um, this was supposed to be a guitar.
Henri Doreau.
Water in the creek for the first time this year.
Red hearts.
My picture in the CS building.
Counterculture graf.
Martin Hellman engineering heroes talk.
Quick art project.
Thermometer in engineering library.
Tree out far west campus.
Last day with AATP. They got me daisies because it was my idea to hand out same at activities fair.
Flowers on admit weekend.
Positive Eigenvalues.
Something looking like a reflector on the mailbox.
It's an Altoids tin magneted to the side.
Paper cranes inside!
You're meant to write on them.
Broken sign
Cone art
Where Meyer Library used to be.
Nmap sticker.
I closed Wolski’s.
Outside the Knoll.