Teton Dam Marathon, Yellowstone, and Grand Tetons 2007

I ran the Teton Dam Marathon on June 9, 2007 with Laura and Steven Shea to celebrate Laura's birthday. I ran 03:28:46.94 and Laura ran 03:32:19.99, personal records for both of us. Then we and some other of their family saw Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks until June 12.
Welcome to Rexburg.
Steven fixes our hotel toilet.
We hit the town after the race.
Bear figurines are big in the town of West Yellowstone.
These are like the cows they have in Denver.
Real live grizzlies at a little reserve we went to.
Wolves too.
At first, you take pictures of every steaming pit.
This mini bubbling spring blew my mind.
You take pictures of every buffalo at first, too.
Beryl Spring.
Artist's Paint Pots.
They come in colors.
Red and green pools appear right next to each other.
Norris Geyser Basin, one of the most geologically active areas in the world.
Congress Pool. It looks like Berry Blue Kool-Aid.
Raging steam vents.
The Firehole River.
Firehole swimming area.
A bacteria mat.
An eruption.
This one seemed pretty docile, but then...
Freaky red plant life in the hot river.
Cool old-timey yellow tour buses.
Young Hopeful geyser.
The Great Prismatic Basin.
This is the waterfall we hiked to.
This pool was one of the best things we saw.
A cool old lodge.
Chromatic Pool.
Morning Glory pool.
They say it's more green than blue these days because people throw junk in it.
Fishing Bridge, where no fishing is allowed.
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
It's quite a sight.
Tailing a buffalo.
David and Ryan.
Now we're in Grand Teton National Park.
We took a hike around Jenny Lake.
Hidden Falls.
A sopping marmot.
"Never Parking."