Longs Peak 2007

I climbed Longs Peak with Steven Shea and his friend Mat on August 30, 2007. We climbed Mount Meeker while we were there. We climbed Southeast Longs by mistake before we climbed the real summit. The two are separated by a yawning chasm and you can't just walk from one to another.
Up near the trail junction. The notch looks itty-bitty from here.
This is called "Ship's Prow."
On top of Mount Meeker.
Longs looms.
See that tiny white arrow in a circle in the middle of the picture? Yeah, me neither. That's Clark's Arrow the guidebook talks about.
Longs Peak, 14,255 ft. (sixteenth in a series).
There are like five benchmarks on the summit.
You follow these bullseyes all the way down.
That's Longs in the foreground, Southeast Longs in the middle, and Meeker in the back.
The famous boulder field.
Not the keyhole, though I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people saw this sign.
The famous keyhole.
The bathrooms make it look like a moon base.