Lake McConaughy backpacker 2001

David and Steve drove out to Nebraska to see Andy and camp at Lake McConaughy in January 2001.
David and Andy in the parking lot.
Steve and David in the parking lot.
A picture of somebody taking a picture.
"Hikers with lens flare."
Andy thinks he's so artistic.
Dead fish #1.
Dead fish #2.
Playing on the miniature bluffs.
Andy's sand lady.
Some guys don't know when to quit.
Finding a campsite.
David explains his plan to build a shopping mall.
The lake starts to refreeze as the sun goes down.
A lovely sunset.
Andy at sunset.
David at sunset.
Andy tends the fragrant fire.
David in the morning.
Steve in the morning.
David and Andy in the morning.
Resting after playing on the ice.
Just chipping the ice.
Just smashing stuff.
Ice hockey?
David is artistic.
Creek crossing.
Andy looking over the lake.
Steve in front of the sunset.