Berkeley Kite festival 2017

We made eight kites: Tako Knight and 凛 (sled); Bat-Signal, Born 2 Fly, සරුංගල්, and සරු Jr. (diamond); Hubert (like a diamond kite but with a square bottom); plus another sled 凛 II made the day of the festival. We used these plans among others: diamond, simple sled.
凛 just after construction.
Hideaki and 凛.
Launching Hubert.
Launching Tako Knight.
Tako up up and away.
Hubert and Tako together.
Launching සරුංගල්.
Born 2 Fly looking sharp.
Born 2 Fly, Tako, Hubert all together.
Flying Bat-Signal.
Bat-Signal, Born 2 Fly, and Tako.
A rival Bat-Signal.
Hubert liftoff.
The demise of Bat-Signal! A broken string landed her in the drink.
A moment of silence.
Someone else's homemade doge kite.
The tiny black pixel about a kilometer away is Tako Night. It flew so well they kept tying on new strings to make it go farther.
Happy pilots.
Now Tako is tied to a post and taking care of itself.
凛 with company.
凛 II with Born 2 Fly.
Selfie with සරු Jr.
Pilot perspective.
Kite perspective.
සරු Jr. with a double tail.
Picnic pilots.
Tako Knight is visible as the merest speck, nearly clear over the water.