Hunting 2009

I went along with Steve Lane and some other fellows on an elk hunting trip October 16–20, 2009, but I didn’t hunt this year.
It is pretty country on the way up.
Frost on the tent in the morning.
Noisy chipmunk.
The view from where I took a nap.
Old haunted abandoned cabins.
The attic of the stable.
Roofed with old signs.
Old newspaper advertisements on the walls.
This ATV flipped, sending two people to the hospital. I call it Widowmaker.
Salt lick.
Noisy riders spoil the quiet.
Chicken creature on the road.
Riding back on the ATV.
Tenacious stickers.
More stickers.
These chickens can fly clumsily into the upper branches.
Speed limit sign with a night limit.