Hawaii 2012

Steve and me went to Hawaii January 2–6, 2012. We climbed Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, and went to Volcanoes National Park.
Airport birds.
Hawaii’s first church.
Watching the Fiesta Bowl.
Taking pictures of stupid stuff.
Morning at Mauna Kea parking lot.
Clouds rolling in.
We stayed above the clouds all day.
Lake Waiau.
First sight of observatories.
Cloud land.
My fortune.
Mauna Kea benchmark.
Looks like another volcanic crater.
I love cartoons!
Steam vents in the national park.
Half clouds, half volcano smoke.
Steam vents everywhere.
Morning at Kaʻaha.
Shiny morning lava.
Seashell graveyard.
A little pool protected from ocean waves.
Sea cucumber.
That’s an eel! It was snapping at little fishes.
Cut on hands and feet after swimming in the ocean.
Some weird life form.
Foot first aid.
No trail but cairns.
Way high above the plain floor.
Starting out towards the Puʻu ʻŌʻō flow.
Made it to these signs but didn’t see any lava.
The first marker is marker 0!
Cat outside Domino’s.
Next night’s camp down some unmarked road.
Cut still bleeding.
Filling up water back at the Mauna Kea visitor center.
Stop bulldozing our ʻāina.
Starting up Mauna Loa.
Behatted rock.
Groovy crystals.
This rock glowed green through a polarized lens.
The crater at the top, still two miles from the summit.
Really kick-ass view into the crater.
My many moods.
In a cave going down.
Night fell before we were quite to the car.
Hostel in Kona.
Airport bird.
Video of tearing down a lava road.