Hawaii 2009

Steve Lane and I went to Kauaʻi January 26–31, 2009. We spent four days hiking and camping on the Kalalau trail, then saw some more sights on the island.
A cold snowy Colorado morn.
After grocery shopping.
Airplane de-icer.
Tornado simulator in the San Francisco airport.
More science at SFO.
In Hawaii at last, waiting for the rental car shuttle.
Chickens are rife.
I went to Kalapaki beach while waiting for Steve to arrive.
It rained really hard for a while.
Anini beach where we camped the first night.
Breakfast pizza.
Kēʻē beach, where the Kalalau trail begins.
We ate a delicious pineapple before starting the hike.
The Nā Pali coast.
Big waterfall.
Hanakapiʻai beach warning.
Little lizard.
Spiral plants.
At one of the many scenic canyon overlooks.
Four miles in.
Wild goats.
The river crossing at Hanakoa valley.
A big herd of goats.
Baby goat.
Foggy coastline.
Welcome to Kalalau.
Cooking with Sterno.
Starry night. Orion is on the left.
Our Kalalau campsite.
Going to get water.
Hawaiian death spider.
There are three emergency helipads along the trail.
Me at Kalalau beach.
Bamboo grove in Kalalau valley.
Wild passion fruit. Not too bad.
Wild bananas. Pretty bad because they were unripe.
Most of the trees were pretty small but there were a few of these great big monsters.
Wild orange.
Kalalau sunset.
Just barely breaking dawn.
Our solar compass compared to the magnetic compass.
Steve cuts up a Noni fruit.
Beard's coming along.
That's more dangerous than it looks.
We estimated that this cliff was 256 feet high.
Our campsite on the cliff.
Cute little baby goat.
Steve thinks of goats.
Coffee beans.
Giant spike plants.
Hiding gecko.
Muddy trail.
Snorkeling photos.
I would call this a sea cucumber.
A fish that looks like the flag of South Africa.
Big black sea urchin in the rocks.
A nozzlefish.
Flying turtle.
Strange pink tendrils.
The picture doesn't do this fish justice. It was all different colors.
Morning at Anahola beach.
Steve swings at Kipu falls.
There's me.
An eel lurking under a rock.
At the left is a fish pretending to be sand.
A long trumpetfish at the bottom.
From Spouting Horn.
Bright sunshine.
Steve got us both first-class seats on the way back.
Here's a video of some crazy bouncing baby goats.