Hanging Lake hike 2006

Laura and I went to Hanging Lake on May 12 and 13, 2006. It was boffo, just as I had heard! Then we went back to the trailhead and hiked up the Dead Horse trail to the top of a plateau. Go see Hanging Lake, it's boffo!
Up a lazy river .
Stand still or I'll shoot!
Photograph of the photographer.
Fossils? These rocks were on the trail.
You try hiking to Hanging Lake without photographing all the waterfalls.
Snail! @
Reading the paper in the outhouse.
A neato broken-off tree.
Laura's bug friend.
Bridal Veil Falls.
Travertine on a branch.
Cool travertine deposits near the base of the waterfall.
Look at the clear water.
Thanks, kid!
Big fat brook trout.
The cave behind Spouting Rock.
Guess which side faces the waterfall.
David takes a dunk.
This tree had a keyhole in it.
Pesto-Pepperoni-Pita-Pizza with provolone and parmesan .
Laura gears up.
Purple flowers majesty.
It was steep!
The plateau.
There was a big dead something on the trail.
And a pile of its fur!
Maybe an elk?
Or an alligator!
Looking east, you can see past the beginning of Glenwood Canyon.
The aliens have landed!
The full moon rising.
Our fair camp.
Pesto egginess for breakfast.
Hiking back through Ticktown.
Brrrr! Cold water!
Will I lose my flip-flops?
How about this for fashion?
Lunch: alfredo with artichoke hearts, yum!