Grays and Torreys hike 2006

Laura and I climbed Grays and Torreys Peaks via the Kelso Ridge approach on June 3, 2006.
Grays and Kelso Mountain.
Continental Divide.
Snow packed trail in June.
Once without the apple.
Mountains're nice.
This is the life.
Mountains're nice.
A wild-eyed woolly ptarmigan!
A wild-eyed woolly caterpillar!
Laura's house.
Laura's pet dragon's house.
Did I mention it was steep?
King of the mountain.
The deadly cornice of death.
Purple mountains majesty.
Torreys's notorious knife-edge (and buttress!).
Laura goes under the knife—or is it over the knife?
Torreys Peak, 14,267 ft. (fifth in a series).
Fellow mountaineers.
The top of Torreys peak.
The saddle between the two peaks.
Wild-eyed woolly mountain goats!
Our friend Billy.
Grays Peak, 14,270 ft. (sixth in a series).
This guy needs a stunt double!
Time for new shoes.