Gore Creek Trail backpacker 2002

Steven Lane and I went hiking along Gore Creek near Vail, Colorado. I did the second half of the trip solo.
In the parking lot.
Steve helps make camp.
Steve napping.
Our fair camp (first night).
Trees in the morning.
Steve watches breakfast cook.
David about to head out on his own.
The view of the highway from the side of the mountain.
It was pretty steep.
The sun dips behind the mountain.
My fair camp (second night).
The sun coming up in the morning.
A cheerful little bird.
I sense the presence of game.
Broken snowshoes keep me from reaching the top.
Melting and purifying snow.
Gore Valley.
Just before breaking camp.
Trudging through waist-deep snow without snowshoes makes neat patterns.
Eating freeze-dried ice cream at camp the third night.
David in a snow grave.
Steven feeling the oxygen deprivation.