Frozen Dead Guy Days 2007

I went to Frozen Dead Guy Days for the first time on March 10, 2007. Frozen Dead Guy Days is an annual festival in Nederland, Colorado that celebrates Bredo Morstøl, a man who died in 1989 and whose body is kept on dry ice in a shed in the town.
Hippies on their way to Boulder.
The Pioneer Inn. Also visible is local news personality Bob Kendrick.
The snow sculpture in the town roundabout.
Just to prove I was there.
It started snowing hard after a while. In the foreground are cheese and anchovies courtesy of Backcountry Pizza.
Hearses are a popular way to get around.
Coffins lined up for the coffin race.
The polar plunge is pretty awesome. People jump into a hole in the ice.
And some people put on a show for the crowd.
Luckily there was a hot tub nearby.
A portion of the coffin race course.
It stopped snowing and was pretty nice for a while.
What a crowd! It was hard to see the race.
The second-place team.