I went to Belgium for FOSDEM February 5–8, 2010 and spoke on February 6. Because I missed a plane I had to spend an extra day in London on the way back.
GPS display on the way out.
Lasagna with baby Coke.
Cold breakfast, not bad though.
Waiting in Heathrow.
Single-serve milk for your coffee or tea.
This is what it is like to be in Belgium.
The view out my window overlooking a nice plaza.
My addled mind immediately read this as “Le Favicon.”
Wandering around after I arrived.
This is the famous Grand Place.
This is the beer event.
My room.
I shared a cab with Richard Clayton, a keynote speaker.
People on stage to do the FOSDEM dance.
A shot of the room right after I finished talking.
I met for a while with Marek Majkowski, who came to see my talk.
People checking out the favicon posters.
PGP keysigning.
After oversleeping on Sunday, the first talk I saw was one on UI development with Étoilé.
As-tu vu le yeti?
More favicon curiosity.
This is Evan Prodromou on StatusNet.
Speaker bonus was chocolate seafood.
More wandering. The little man comes to life on the hour and strikes the bell.
The exterior of the Magritte Museum.
Oh, I forgot to mention it was Super Bowl Sunday.
Cat graffiti.
This is the famous peeing boy statue. There's a squatting female counterpart in the alley of the Delirium Café that I didn't get a photo of.
Life-size wheatpaste posters.
Wow! Look at these huge street murals under bridges!
They must be sanctioned but they don't feel like soulless public-funded art.
Sculpture outside the Palais de Justice.
Strange art exhibit in a storefront.
The Belgians appear to share the French taste for grotesque arboreal perversions. The lattice is made from living tree limbs.
“mm” ligature.
The TV knows my name! Setting an alarm is a multi-step process!
Kids' show about talking trains.
Back in London, it was snowing.
The Heathrow Quality Inn: the highest price/quality ratio of any hotel I've been in.
I took the train into town to see Marek again.
It might be against the law to take a picture of a British cop.
Space invader!
Another invader.
vi-sponsored turnstile.
Smarmy pat-down officers, courtesy of the U.S.A.
Go ahead, ask me what I dislike about traveling.
There was no live GPS display on the way back, perhaps as a result of more security theater.
Times New Roman and Arial are the modern instruments of fascism.