Ecuador 2013

Visited my brother Zo in Ecuador during Holy Week. He works for Sustainable Roots.
Broken screen.
Broken screen.
Who knew?
U of M stadium.
Downtown Minneapolis.
I went to Palm Sunday service here.
Broken display.
Arrival at the hostel.
Spanish keyboard.
LL: Solar Watch.
Mitad del Mundo.
Monument to Zo.
Unintentional birdbath.
Balance that egg.
Reflect those photons.
Parque El Ejido in Quito. Parque El Ejido, I choose you!
A proper seesaw.
Ecuadorean volleyball, played with a high net on a concrete court.
Bright orange dyed Easter chicks.
Statue of Pope John Paul II.
Gargoyles of native fauna.
Way up high on a hill.
Sky dog.
Street demonstration in the Great Plaza having to do with theater.
Army guys arriving to strike the signs.
Go get it, army guy.
Still more.
Facebookin’ at the hostal.
Lots of software for sale in a cell phone shop.
In Baños.
La Virgen falls.
Stars and clouds.
Lower altitude than Quito.
Horses with strange names.
At the statue of La Virgen. Bunch of punk high schoolers up there.
Traffic backed up for miles.
Zo says it’s latex.
Ghost cows.
Restaurante Las Orquídeas where we had lunch.
This cat was called Pepe.
We initially thought its name was Michi because that’s the Quechua word for gato.
Preparing to jump off a bridge.
Back on the bus.
At Zo’s house.
Invisible chickens.
Stick bug.
Facebookin’ at the house.
Hola gatito.
At Señor Zo’s English class.
Ecuadoreans use the word “tomate” for this orange color.
A chicken eating a frog.
“TE AMO” carved into the rocks across the river.
Waiting for the bus.
Stuck in Miami for a day.